We’re building a company to last and that means making sure we grow in a sustainable way that benefits both us and our communities.

We now brew every single can, bottle and keg in the UK with
renewable electricity

In fact, our entire portfolio including Stella Artois, Corona, Bud Light and, of course, Budweiser is brewed using electricity from our own wind turbine and two solar farms.

We’re also proud that all our UK-produced beers are now plastic-ring free, which together with the removal of tertiary packaging, has eliminated 850 tonnes of plastic waste from circulation every year.

As for our ingredients – they’re
natural origin

And we source all the barley for our beers from British farms, eliminating the need for barley imports, reducing carbon emissions and championing British agriculture.

We want to bring our consumers on the journey with us, inspire and facilitate changes that will lead to a brighter future for all.

We’re saving
16,242 tonnes per year
of emissions through the power of renewable energy

We’re all in this together

At Budweiser Brewing group, we aim to tackle issues that are most material to our business and where we can make the most positive impact. By working together with local communities, NGOs, suppliers, governments, consumers and beyond, we can create value for all.

Ahead of the historic COP26 Summit, Erik Novaes, our VP of Sustainability and Procurement in Europe, sat down with Bim Afolami MP for a wide-ranging discussion on the key challenges, opportunities and considerations for a greener brewing industry.